QuCAT only supports python 3


If you don’t succeed in installing QuCAT following the instructions below, ask for help on our forum.

Installing via pip

The recommended way to install qucat is via pip by opening a terminal and running

pip install qucat

Installing from source

The latest source code is available on our Github repository

To install from source, download or clone the source code, open a terminal and navigate to the qucat folder, and run pip install .


Qucat depends on several open-source libraries. The following packages are currently required:

  • Python 3, tested on version 3.7

  • Numpy, tested on version 1.16.2

  • Matplotlib, tested on version 3.0.3

  • Sympy, tested on version 1.3

Generating a Hamiltonian requires

  • QuTiP, tested on version 4.3

Performance of Sympy and thus QuCAT is enhanced by using

We recommend installing python and these packages by downloading and installing Anaconda.